The term space weather generally refers to conditions on the sun, in the solar wind, and within Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere that can influence the performance and reliability of space-borne and ground-based technological systems and can endanger human life or health. Space weather forecasts are important because radiation from particles from the sun associated with large solar flares can be hazardous to unprotected astronauts, airplane occupants and satellites. Learn More.

Many technologies of modern society can be directly affected by space weather, including: interruption of radio and GPS communications (for military and civilian use), re-routing of commercial air travel, and damage to energy infrastructures and the power grid. According to a workshop report by the National Research Council, it could take years to recover from a severe solar storm and the total economic impact could exceed $2 trillion (USD).



Flare Forecast takes an innovative approach to predict space weather events. Our team utilizes its combined expertise in solar physics and computer science to evaluate and assimilate a wide variety of solar data, extracting parameters related to solar flares and solar energetic particles. Through data mining and machine learning, we extend our expertise understanding of these events and implement sophisticated and automated prediction models to produce robust and reliable results.


Flare Forecast provides a wide range of space weather forecasts for government and private organizations, including standardized forecasts using NOAA’s Radio Storm and Radiation Storm scales. Implementing near real-time forecasts for your organization is critical to protecting human health and technological infrastructure in space and on Earth. Our goal is to provide customers with a forecasting system designed to reduce the specific space weather risks they face. We work closely with you to meet your exact prediction requirements, such as customized alert thresholds and time windows, and provide direct integration into your existing technology and communication systems.

Flare Forecast attended the 2013 Space Weather Workshop in Boulder, CO in April, where we presented a poster titled “A Comprehensive Approach to Reliable Solar Flare Forecasting”. You may view and/or download this poster here.